Кроме того, если преподаватель не предусмотрел возможность, когда правильными могут оказаться несколько вариантов, то при помощи объяснений студент может отстоять свою точку зрения и получить более высокую отметку.

При проведении итогового контроля можно использовать тест множественного выбора.



Objective: All the tenses. Directions: Choose the correct answer and tick it.

1. Whenever I ... that Jingle again, I'll inflict personal chastisement on him in addition to the exposure he so richly ... Dickens

a. meet / merit

b. shall meet / merits

c. meet / merits

2. On a fine Sunday evening John set foot in the village he ... with disgrace seventeen years before. Dickens

a. left

b. had left

c. has left

The man ... from his hymn-book to Sam, and from Sam to his hymn-book, as if he ... to open a conversation. Dickens

a. kept glancing / was wanting

b. kept glancing / wanted

c. was keeping glancing / wanted

4. «I shall say nothing till I ... the body,» said Mr. Utterson. Stevenson

a. see

b. shall see

c. have seen

5. They ... the news in the square. I heard them from my dining- room. Stevenson

a. were crying

b. cried

c. had cried

6. «I ... afraid for about a week,» returned Poole, «and I can bear it no more.» Stevenson

a. was

b. have been being

c. have been

7. Inside on a wooden bunk ... a young Indian woman. She ... to have her baby for two days. Hemingway

a. was lying / tried

b. lay / had been trying

c. lay / was trying

8. If we ... all alive ten years hence, let's meet, and see how many of us have got our wishes,' said Jo, «I hope I ... something to be proud of by that time.» Alcott

a. are / shall do

b. are / shall have done

c. shall be / shall have done

9.1 ... to cure it for forty years, and ... only ... in controlling it. Alcott

a. have been trying / have been succeeding

b. have tried / have succeeded

c. have been trying / have succeeded

10. I shall ask your father's advice before I ... you anywhere else. Alcott

a. have sent

b. send

c. shall send

11. «Where is she?» - «She ... at the prison door.» Maugham

a. waits

b. is waiting

12. Norman Grange was up before day-break to take the roll and this duty performed, he ... home, bathed and changed. Maugham

a. has come

b. had come

c. came

13. «I wonder what ... to him, «said his wife. «I can't think why he should be so late.» Maugham

a. have happened


c. has happened

14. He's an outsider and she's; got a tic; they say it looks as if she always ... to wipe the blood off her dress. Maugham

a. was trying

b. tried

c. had been trying

15. The dream you've just described to me ... just over three weeks ago. Have you had any since? Maugham

a. had taken place

b. has taken place

c. took place

16. And my advice to you, Molly, is, see that you ... your money, he'll bilk you if he can. Maugham

a. will get

b. get

c. will have got

17. Jane is going to be married. Her fiance ... to dine here tonight to be introduced to me and I want you to come too. Maugham

a. is coming

b. comes

c. will come

18. Then she gave the piano a glance. A piece of music was still open on the rack, it was something of Debussy, and Alban ... it before he went to the office. Maugham

a. had been playing

b. had played

c. played

19.1... Frank laugh so much for ever so long. Alcott

a. haven't been hearing

b. didn't hear

c. haven't heard

20. Basil looked at Lord Henry. «Dorian Gray has a simple and beautiful nature. Don't spoil him. - What nonsense you ... ! said Lord Henry smiling. Wilde

a. talk

b. are talking

KEY !• - 11. -b

2- -b 12.-с

3- - b 13.-с

4- -с 14. -a 5. -a 15. -с 6'~ c 16. -b 7--b I7._a

8- -b 18. -a

9- -с 19.-с Ю- -b 20. -a

Эти и подобные им тесты уже два года довольно успешно применяются при обучении грамматике английского языка студентов Губкинского института (филиал) Московского государственного открытого университета.


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