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The building is a 25 meter deep bar in an L-shaped mass, with a short facade facing the garden ring, and a long wing extending down Dobryninsky. The office space reinforces the street wall, and the resultant space within the middle of the site is devoted to an atrium, a place of calm in the city - an oasis.

The massing geometry of the "oasis" is generated from the single source point below grade. The facade surfaces are established by the source point and therefore canted. The external urban facade is more canted then the internal garden facade and thus the floor plates become slightly larger as the building rises.

There are two principal cores to the building, situated to the north and at the centre of the typical floor plate. Access to the core lobby is from the walkways in the atrium at each level. The walkways, both in the atrium and within the floor plate have a timber floor.

The office floorplates are broad and expansive, with cores in the middle and ample floor to ceiling glazing at the perimeter. The floor plate is zoned in a tripartite plan. The middle section serves as core or internal rooms, all with a dropped ceiling and a 2.7 floor clear height. On either side is a 3 meter zone for exterior offices with a 3.2 floor clear height which is fully glazed. In an open office plan, the stepped perimeter brings light deep into the plan. In a cellular office configuration, the exterior offices have a clear ceiling height rarely seen in modern office buildings.

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