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The Prirazlomnoye Platform consists of a steel gravity substructure (“Caisson”) supporting four (4) topside supermodules and ancillary structures. The Caisson is square in shape with mitred corners and has sloping sides. A 5.2 m wall around the top of the Caisson acts as a ice/wave deflector. The Caisson is 126 m by 126 m at the mudline reducing to 101m by 101m at the top.

Between mudline and El. +24.3 m the Caisson is split into sixteen (16) sections or cells which make up the oil storage/ water ballast tanks, lift shafts and well bay area. Each cell is separated by a 3 m wide internally stiffened cofferdam. Externally the Caisson will have a double skin type construction. The Caisson is configured to accommodate 72 wells which are drilled in two groups of 36 slots.


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