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Clinical history: Glomus Jugular Tumor follow-up

Technique: Sagittal, transverse and coronal T1-weighted transverse FLAIR and T2-weighted images obtained through the head. Upon contrast administration sagittal transverse and coronal T1-weighted images performed.

Comparison: Multiple prior examinations most recently performed on May 2,2002

Findings: Right glomus tumor has increased in size. The intracranial posterior fossa component measures 4 centimeters in anterior-posterior dimension. Posterior to the solid portion of the mass is a cystic component that has tripled in size. Because of this increases there is increase compression of the medulla, pons and fourth ventricle. Cerebellar tonsils are once again noted to be well below the foramen magnum. The extent of tonsillar herniation, which is greater on the left and the right, is slightly increased. There is however no evidence of increased compression of the cervicomedullary junction. The component of the tumor in the neck which extends within the neurovascular bundle is unchanged. There is no change to the position of right ventricular approach catheter. Remainder of intracranial exam is normal There is no evidence of supratentorial abnormality.


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