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ENGINE: Performance data


Fiat engines installed on 55-56/60-56/65-56/70-56 model tractors are high-speed, 4-stroke, direct injection in-line Diesel units.

Engine block: single iron casting, dry sleeve, crank-shaft, camshaft and valve tappet seats.

Cylinder heads: integral valve seats.

Valve gear: pushrod operated valves, helical gear driven camshafts.

Crank gear: crankshaft running on 4 bearings (mods. 55-56/60-56 or 5 bearings (65-56/70-56), 3-ring light alloy piston (one compression ring and two oil scraper rings).

A flyweight-type dynamic balancer in the engine sump (mods. 65-56/70-56) reduces engine and engine-induced vibrations.

Air induction system: through oil-bath or dry air filter.

Fuel system: rotating distributor injection pump; 3-orifice injectors (60-56) or 4-orifice injectors (55-56/65-56/70-56).

Lubrication system: forced feed, gear pump, full flow oil filter and pressure relief valve.

Cooling system: water, centrifugal pump, wax thermostat.

Engine starting: 12 volt electromagnetically operated starter and thermostarter (where applicable).


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