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Gas Powered Generating Set

This generating set has been designed as a complete package to provide superior performance and reliability.

Each generating set is provided with a Rating Label generally affixed to the alternator housing or control panel. This label contains the information needed to identify the generating set and its operating characteristics. This information includes, but is not limited to, the model number, serial number, output characteristics such as voltage, phase and frequency, output rating in kVA and kW, and rating type (basis of the rating). For reference, this information is repeated on the Technical Data Sheet provided with this manual. The model and serial numbers uniquely identify the generating set.

The gas engine powering the generating set has been chosen for its reliability. The engine is of the 4 stroke spark ignition type and is fitted with all accessories to provide a reliable power supply.

The engine electrical system is negative ground/earth and either 12 or 24 volts DC depending on the size of the set.

The output electrical power is normally produced by a screen protected and drip-proof, self-exciting, self-regulating, brushless alternator fine tuned to the output of this generating set.

The engine and alternator are coupled together and mounted on a heavy duty steel baseframe.

The generating set is fitted with vibration isolators which are designed to reduce engine vibration being transmitted to the foundation on which the generating set is mounted. These isolators are fitted between the engine/alternator feet and the baseframe.


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